The Motion Specialists

The complete wireless Motion solution for Professional product developers

Education, R&D

3D Orientation, 3D Position, 

3D Velocity,

Bluetooth LE

Robotics, Control & Stabilization

Human Motion Analysis

Sports, Fitness

Rapid Prototyping Of Wearables With Neblina™ ProMotion DevKit

The wireless motion module that just works!


Ultra compact

Two CPU cores

Complex calculations

Real-time response

Low power

I/O expansion

9-axis fusion

Bluetooth® 4.0

Over-the-air upgrades

Power management

Data storage

Battery charging

128 MB Storage

On-board programmer
Micro-USB port

Expansion headers

LED status indicators

Battery connector

Open API

Motion-apps library

Multi-platform support

SDK on Eclipse IDE

Extensive documentation

Experienced team

The development kit that gets you building!


Advanced Open APIs

Provides a simple 3D data stream for motion-based applications. Raw sensor data is also available.

Simple APIs to create applications, abstracting away complexity.

Built-in Sensor Fusion

Plenty of options to connect more sensors, industry standard packaging and pins.

Works out-of-the-box, designers and developers can focus on the product and applications.

Easy expansion

Easy integration

Built-in Programmer

All functions necessary to build motion-products are built-in.

Easily upgrade firmware over USB or Bluetooth. No extra tools needed.


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